Sensory Saturday-

Happy holiday weekend! I hope that you are able to enjoy your long weekend and have special, quality time with your family.

Today is another Sensory Saturday and I used our time this week to create a decoration for my son’s new room. He just recently moved into his sister’s room and has been really loving sharing space with her. A few weeks ago, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a sign for over Maddy’s bed that describes her perfectly (plus, I love me some Shakespeare!).


I decided that Oliver needed his own sign that fit him. He is currently obsessed with trucks, tractors, and buses. I found some construction vehicle footprint ideas on Pinterest and ran with that idea! We were able to use the extra canvas I had that came in the 2-pack of canvases for our Mother’s Day craft. I also was able to use the paint left over from the Mother’s Day craft and our paint sliding activity. So I did not have to spend any extra money to be able to do this craft which is a major plus for me!

The materials I needed included:
A variety of sizes of paintbrushes
Little feet



The only part that involved the kids was to paint their feet and put their prints on the canvas. Oliver, who normally stays away from messy things that aren’t food, actually enjoyed getting paint on his feet and giggled as I painted it on his foot.



Here is what it looked like after the kids put their prints on.


I have a confession. I am not artsy. I have always wanted to be but have never really had the touch so after the prints were done, I didn’t touch it for a few days because I had a feeling I would screw it up.

I did everything else by hand and here is how it progressed:




It wasn’t exactly the way I had planned but I was very happy with it nevertheless! I painted everything else on when the kids were napping and they were thrilled to see the finished product when they woke up.


Oliver was so excited when I hung it up above his bed. Anyone that comes over is swiftly escorted to his bedroom to see the “trucks!” and “tractors!”. I love making him feel like something is solely for him and that he can feel special since he was part of making it.


Do you have kids that share a room? How do you make it special for them?

Much love,
<3 Jamie