Friends, I had SO MUCH FUN with this activity. It was super simple to set up and could be changed and mixed up easily. My kids are completely obsessed with Monster Jam monster trucks lately (thanks, husband). We got them their favorite monster trucks (yay for Hot Wheels!) and they play with them daily and Oliver wants them in his bed with him every night. I’m telling you, OBSESSED. I decided to take that obsession and create an activity they could use their monster trucks with. The monster truck racetrack was born!

I gathered some obstacles (a bowl of cereal the trucks had to hop through, a balloon they had to bounce on, books they had to go around, and a container of water they had to go in before getting to the finish line). I then took our handy window markers and drew tracks on the floor and TADA!


The tracks weren’t pretty but that didn’t really matter to the kids. They had mini happy meltdowns when they saw what awaited them. Oliver didn’t follow his track too much and Maddy still beat him every time but they had so much fun with the obstacles.


I had a feeling they would get stuck on the water obstacle and I was right. They had the most fun playing with the trucks in the water.



They had so much fun with the water, they decided to make the containers race-able!


Maddy got hungry and ate her first obstacle.


Oliver was then drawn to the balloons.


But not for long…


This was honestly such a simple thing to set up and there are so many possibilities for changing it up! It was even great that the water got all over the floor and then the kids used a towel to wipe it up which then got rid of the tracks. I get bonus mom points for that, right?!

Have you ever done a homemade track for cars or trucks? How did it go over in your home?

See you next week, lovelies!

Much love,
<3 Jamie