We are SO CLOSE to fall and I couldn’t be more excited! Fall time is the best time for me. Cool weather, beautiful scenery, warm drinks, pumpkins, family time, scarves, boots… yes!

Although the leaves haven’t officially changed yet, I am going to pretend like we are already in the fall season (can you tell that I am not one to mourn the loss of summer?).

Our sensory activity for the week is all about leaves.

I used white construction paper and found a leaf template online that I then traced. If you can get cardstock and print, that would be better. Our construction paper got a little too wet and has torn in different places. I am trying to salvage them but I don’t know that it will work! Whichever way you get the leaf on paper is fine, then cut the leaf(ves) out.




Place the leaves in a baggie. I used storage bags to make sure the leaves weren’t squished in the bag but you could do smaller leaves and fit them in a sandwich baggie.


We choose two colors for each leaf but you could do as many or as few as you would like. We didn’t use a ton of paint, just enough to cover the leaves.

Then let the kids go to town. My kids used their fingers to spread it, then cars, then their whole hands. It led a few moments of quiet peace which was glorious. I think they will be gorgeous when dried too! We might try it over again with cardstock and maybe make a leaf banner.









Aren’t those so fun? And no mess!

Are you a fall lover? What are the best fall sensory activities you have done in the past? We will have plenty of fall activities ahead of us!

Until next time, friends.

Much love,
<3 Jamie