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I don’t know if you are anything like me, but sometimes I try (without realizing it) to complicate things. This especially seems to be true when it comes to activities for the kids. I can try to come up with this grand plan that I assume they will immensely enjoy while missing the little things that they love to be involved in but I don’t give them the chance. With this “activity”, I decided to just let them be kids and got them involved in the every day activities of life.

Maddy loves to help cook anything. She is right there with me, doing whatever I ask her to do with a smile on her face. I decided to take that passion and let both of the kids make their own pizzas. I knew there could be a big huge mess but I also knew that they would love being involved in the making of their lunch.

Step 1: Gather the materials. I used premade crust, because, well, it’s easier. πŸ™‚


Step 2: Brush the crust with olive oil.



Step 3: Add sauce.


Step 4: Add generous amounts of shredded cheese.



Step 5: Add toppings (or simply pepperoni).


Step 6: Eat as you go.


Step 7: Watch with fascination as your pizza cooks in the oven.


Step 8: Stare at your pizza as you wait for it to cool down.


Step 9: Make strange faces as you enjoy your pizza made with your own hands!



The kids had so much fun and were even more anxious to eat lunch than normal. Now I need more ideas of food items they can help me make!

What do your kids help you make to eat? Do you find it more enjoyable to prepare meals when the kids are involved?

See you next week friends!

Much love,
<3 Jamie