Wipes, the all purpose cleaner for mothers, am I right?! I am a huge fan of wipes (be it baby wipes or Clorox wipes) because, well, they just make life easier! I tend to toss the leftover boxes but have been keeping them lately. Thus was born another Sensory Saturday activity.

I used both a baby wipes box and an empty (and washed) Clorox wipes tube. You could use more or less depending on the amount of children you have or how big or small you want the activity to be.

You can really use anything for them to put in and pull out but I used play cars and pom poms to play with hard and soft. This activity was intended for Oliver, my 2-year-old, but Maddy jumped in and played just as much as he did. They went from one box to another and tried both items in both boxes. Maddy turned it into a race once, until she realized that Oliver wasn’t playing that game. They enjoyed putting the items in as well as taking them out.










Simple, sweet, and not messy! Also an activity that they can do over and over with or without parent help. Major win!

Don’t throw out those old boxes, put them to use!

Do you save your wipes boxes? What have you used them for? We would love to hear from you!

Much love,
<3 Jamie