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It has been too long since we have done a Sensory Saturday! Remember one of my favorite activities, sensory bags? Here is a variation on that idea where the kids are able to watch what is going on inside instead of just squishing it around.

Sensory jars, just like sensory bags, are open to a world of possibilities! You can put so many things in your jar and we will be exploring some of those other ways in the weeks to come. We choose wet jars this time since my kids have been having a few too many fits thrown lately (cabin fever!). I figured watching the content in the jars settle might be able to help calm them down during those difficult emotional times.

For our sensory jars, we took oil, water (added food coloring to make them more “personal”), glitter, and beads and put them all together. We glued the lids on with superglue to make sure they stayed on. Then the kids shook up the jars and watched them settle. It was a very calming activity and I am so glad these are things they can keep for awhile.









Have you ever tried a sensory jar? It’s so easy and I am already seeing the benefits!

Let us see pictures if you try this out!

Much love,
<3 Jamie