Hello again, friends!

Have I mentioned before how much I love simple, easy, cheap, and FUN activities? Well, I have another one for you today! Sensory bags are one of the simplest activities and are things that can be played with long past the “official activity time.” I tend to be a tad bit of a control freak but I actually let Maddy do all the work this time – that’s how simple this is!

We choose to do name sensory bags. My daughter is now in preschool (dramatic pause for a big sob!) and she just wrote out her name by herself for the first time yesterday. It’s a big name because her first name is actually Madalynne. I decided that it would be great for those letters to be mixed up in a bag and see if she can still figure out which letter goes where in her name.

First, gather what you would like in the bag. A storage bag would have been great for this but I did sandwich bags so both kids could have their own bag (no fighting, yay!). We added things like glitter, pom poms, and gems but be as creative (or not) as you would like. We also used foam letters to spell out their names. The base is kids’ bath soap which comes in different colors but I choose clear so that the glitter would really stand out. We also used duck tape to keep the bags closed once finished.


You can add the materials in any order you want. Like I mentioned above, I let Maddy add her own materials, as much or as little as she wanted.






After everything is in, tape up the top, then let them explore, explore, explore!




Oliver was more interested in the pom poms but I’m sure he will come back to the bag later when the pom poms are put away.





So easy, so cheap, so fun!


Stay tuned in the coming months for more themed sensory bags and share with us if you have any of your own sensory bag ideas!

Much love,
<3 Jamie