I have been struggling with the cold weather here in Northwest Ohio and what to do with the kids indoors when it is too chilly to go outside.  I asked another mom for suggestions on what to do one day when the kids had cabin fever and she gave me the simplest idea that I have never done before.  I’m sure you all will think I am crazy because it is almost common sense to try it but it is amazing how well it worked out!  The kids normally will stop activities when they are sick of it but this one I had to pull them away from so that I could get Maddy to school.  I can bet they would have been at it for hours if we had the time!  This will definitely at least be a weekly activity now, if not more often!

So what is it?  I let the kids play in the sink.  So simple, right?  First they just played with cups and spoons/ladles and they were perfectly content.  I then added bubbles and they were even happier!  They each had their own side of the sink and then ended up sharing without being prompted too!  They were oddly silent and there was a ton of water on the counters and floor but it didn’t matter (and now my floor is a little cleaner than it was before 🙂 ).  Here are some snapshots from all the fun.








This was seriously so much fun.

Do you have any ideas to share of other things to include in sink play?  Have you done sink play recently?

Have a great weekend, friends!  See you next week!

Much love,
<3 Jamie