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Sensory Saturday: Summer Art Projects

Sensory Saturday: Summer Art Projects


There’s nothing quite like a beautiful summer day full of play and imagination. As August (and school days) are right around the corner, why not take the time to try some summer art projects with your kids before the summer days are gone?  Take pictures while your kids work on their masterpieces and have memories that will last well beyond the actual project.

Here are ten summer art projects that will be projects to remember for both you and your kids.

1. Watermelon Craft via Student Savvy


2. Footprints in the Sand (Beach Canvas) via Crafty Morning


3. Under the Sea Portrait via Indulgy


4. Squirt Gun Painting via Wonderful DIY


5. Handprint Ice Cream Cone via Crafty Morning


6. Sharpie Art Suncatcher via 2me4art


7. Egg Carton Turtle via Emma Owl


8. Handprint Campfire via Glued to My Crafts


9. Thumbprint Pineapple via Oh! Crafts


10. Bow-Tie Noodle Butterfly via Crafty Morning


I don’t know about your kids, but I know my kids would love each and every one of these artworks!

Have you tried any of these crafts? Will you now? If you do, please share with us!

Happy Summer!
<3 Jamie

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