Welcome back to my favorite day of the week!

Last week I discussed how it is beneficial for both parents AND kids to sometimes keep activities simple and allow the kids to have free play and explore on their own. This week, I want to stay in that same vein and show you how I finally embraced summer and allowed my kids to have sensory, fun play without a bunch of rules or interference. Don’t worry, I will interfere a bit next week! πŸ™‚

This past week, we have gone swimming (for the first time this entire summer) three times and gone to an area splash pad (for the first time ever) once with two of the cousins. The weather has been hot, but not unbearable and the two kids and I finally are starting to get a tan. Swimming was also a great sensory activity for me and has brought down my stress level significantly. The kids got braver and braver in the water every day we went which was wonderful to watch. Stepping back and allowing them to explore the water on their own and then watch them blossom so quickly was extremely encouraging to me.








At the splash pad, I was able to snap a few pictures and then I put my phone away for the rest of our stay there. It was awesome to be fully engaged with my kids and letting them lead me where they wanted to go.




What water activities have you done with your kids? I would love to hear about some more water fun that we can do throughout the week!

Have you stepped back and allowed your kids to lead you? How did it turn out?

See you next week, friends.

Much love,
<3 Jamie