Friends, I have to be honest with you. When I was planning this activity, I was actually wanting to go in a different direction but it was a major fail. I think it is one I can salvage and do at another time but I made due with what we had… and had a blast!!

I originally intended on making a water blob but there were holes galore (I will discuss this more in another post to come). I had bought the plastic for it and it was the wrong size and it ended up being what we used with the slide. All you need for this activity is plastic, a slide, and water (and maybe a little hill would be nice too). That’s it. There was a ton of laughter and my kids bragged for days about having a water slide. If the slide was a little bigger, I would have been doing this myself!

Here are some fun pictures from our adventures.

Blog 1

Blog 2

Blog 3

Blog 4

Blog 5

Blog 6

Blog 7

Just so you can get a real feel of how fun this was, here is a bonus video of all the fun. πŸ™‚

It really is quite ridiculous how easy it is to make something fun for the kids. I spent hours on my “failure” and yet something that took less than a minute to set up they had so much fun with. Maybe we should stop putting so much pressure on ourselves as parents.

Have you ever made a water slide? What is your favorite summer water activity?

Much love and lots of summer fun being sent your way,
<3 Jamie