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Welcome to our very first Sensory Saturday! We will share ideas on how to get your kids actively engaged in hands-on activities. They may be a little messy, but that is part of the fun! We will share some of our own ideas, ideas we have discovered from other parents, and ideas from YOU!

Having a slow Saturday with the kids? Have you been home all week with them and are desperate to introduce some new activities without having to think too much about it? Browse no more. It is simpler than you think to take a blah day and turn it into big time fun.

Sometimes it seems illogical and downright strange what my children would choose to play with over the toys we have spent money on. Pots and pans with a wooden spoon always seem to gain more attention than the drumset in the corner of the basement, right? It was this idea that gave me inspiration for today’s activity. I took something that you wouldn’t typically consider giving to a toddler/child to play with and paired it with a toy I wish they would play with more often.

If you are anything like me, then you buy food items that just sit in the cupboards for far too long. I did a quick inventory and found the perfect food that could help with some toys that were not being used.

Here is a sample of toys that are supposed to be interesting but have just sat in the same spot, unused all week.

Aren't my son's feet adorable?
Aren’t my son’s feet adorable?

A few times this week, I basically begged my children to play with the cars. They weren’t interested. Now, take a mix of an old toy (cars) and bring in an ordinary food item (taco shells) and watch the magic happen.

2015-02-27 18.08.40

I was hoping the tacos could act as tunnels and that the cars would go under them. The taco shells were too narrow but I imagine the shells that are flat instead of round on the bottom would be wide enough for this to work. My daughter came in and found a different way to make a tunnel.

2015-02-27 18.12.11

She made a 4-taco tunnel and pushed the car through pretty quickly. Then she discovered how tasty the taco shells were.

Please excuse the crazy hair.
Please excuse the crazy hair.

Oliver decided it was the most fun to crush the shells. It was amazing watching his fascination with the sound and feel of crushing them. It was also a great reminder to me to go with the flow and to allow my kids to explore in their own way instead of insisting it be done the way I had set in my mind. It became my favorite part of the activity – watching them come up with their own ways to play.

2015-02-27 18.10.30
2015-02-27 18.14.29
2015-02-27 18.15.32
2015-02-27 18.09.00

Sometimes all it takes is something different, but ordinary, to bring toys new life.
2015-02-27 18.13.03

Have you used ordinary items to bring new life to old toys? Share your ideas with us and it could be featured in a future blog post!

Much love,
<3 Jamie