Happy Independence Day, friends! I hope your weather is glorious and precious memories are made this weekend.

Today’s activity couldn’t get any simpler. I gathered items from around the house that Maddy is familiar with. Her aunt was also here visiting so I decided that our activity would turn into a competition. I told them both that they would be blindfolded and that whomever guessed the most correct items that I handed them would win M&Ms. Maddy would do anything for M&Ms so she was super excited and so was her aunt!

Maddy had to resist the urge to pull her blindfold up and she hesitated on some items at first but then she really got into the groove of things.




It was so fun seeing her thinking things through and really trying to figure out the angles and details on each item. She has a Little People Ariel, among other Disney princesses, and she knew it was Ariel in less than five seconds. It blew me away!

Aunt Colleen was up next and Maddy handed her the items.



There were a couple of times where Maddy blurted out what the item was when Colleen was struggling. Oliver also felt like he should be involved.


I called it a tie since Maddy couldn’t contain herself from blurting out answers and they both walked away with M&Ms.

The activity didn’t take long, was easy, and Maddy loved competing against someone. It also wasn’t messy but that will change next Saturday so stay tuned!

What are your plans for the holiday weekend? Have fun and stay safe, lovelies!

Much love,
<3 Jamie