Well, I have a bit of sad news for you all. I planned on doing one of the snow activities I wrote about on Wednesday but our snow melted too quickly! That’s Ohio for you. Instead, we did another fun window activity. Have you seen these markers before?


I hadn’t! I saw the markers and window crayons (which sound like a nightmare to me) next each other and had to get one to try. Is this a new thing or have they been around for awhile? I think they are pure magic in a tube. We luckily have a big canvas (window) and the kids went to work on their masterpieces.







Aren’t they just magical?! I actually like that you can’t see what it is unless you get closeup because that guarantees that we won’t have strangers driving past, wondering what is all over our windows! πŸ™‚ Oliver did color on the wood part of our windows and it wiped right off with baby wipes. I also have proof that they wash right off of skin too. So really, these are so awesome and even if there is a mess, it can easily and quickly be cleaned up. Who wouldn’t love that?

I don’t know if there is snow in the forecast any time soon but the next time we get snow, you can bet we will be right out there doing some fun activities so I can share them with you! In the meantime, we will keep trying some new indoor activities and hopefully keep cabin fever far far away.

Have you ever used window markers or crayons? What do you like about them?

See you next week, friends!

Much love,
<3 Jamie