It wasn’t until a few years ago when I started teaching my son how to sound out words that I realized how confusing all the different rules that go along with the English language are. Why does the word ‘read’ have two different pronunciations and meanings? Why doesn’t ‘would’ have the “ow” sound that other words with the ‘o-u’ combination have (like ‘sound’ for example!)? Who came up with all these rules?! Thankfully my son figured it out, but I know for many it is a struggle.


This same frustration comes into play when you work with your child on spelling. Part of the problem is the way we speak–in Oklahoma, we don’t always say things the way they aught to be said–but the fault is not completely ours. With a confusing language like English, it’s hard for children to sound out words and spell them correctly. For example; most children spell ‘love’ like this: L-U-V, because that’s the way it sounds. The best way for kids to figure learn is to work on it often. Repetition helps them the remember all the rules and facts but it’s hard to get them to WANT to work on it. That’s theΒ challenge for all parents and teachers: How do I make learning fun? How do I turn this chore into something they want to do?

And here’s one answer as it applies to spelling!!

spelling practice activity for kids

I definitely didn’t come up with this idea, I found it here:Β

But I think it looks like fun! Spin the spools and make a word, then write it down! My son will start bringing home spelling words soon and I’m thinking I might need to make ‘spelling spools’ for him.

Another fun idea is to create your own puzzle! I found this site:Β

You can decide what type of puzzle you want, like a word search, and then add the words you want included. It generates a puzzle you can print out for your child, how awesome is that?!

Do you have any fun spelling activities you do with your kids?

xo πŸ˜‰