Spooktacular treats_approved

Halloween is just so much fun for those who can break away and pretend be someone or something else for a day! Aside from costumes and candy, I look forward to the immense creativity displayed by my friends, family and neighbors – it’s so much fun to see who will outdo themselves from the previous year with their decorations and howl-worthy treats! Don’t worry, I am no domestic goddess so these are definitely “Liz approved” meaning that they are recipes that I have made myself over the years that don’t require a degree from the Cordon Bleu Chef Academy. Check them out and let us know what you think; or better yet, send us some pics of your own favorite Halloween themed recipes!

row 1          Ghost Chips                    Ghostly Pizza                    Skulls on Sticksrow 2         Caramel Apples                    Red Devil Eggs                    Ham & Jack Roll Upsrow 3          Vampire Punch                     Spooky Monster Treats                    Quesadillas

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