I have loved building a library for my kids over the past four years. I used to be an English teacher and have always had a love of literature so it has always been important to me that my children develop a love of story-telling and sharing. Over the past couple of years, it became essential for me to find books for my daughter (especially) that encourages her to be strong and to stand up for who she is. I have found some excellent choices and wanted to share with you a book review of sorts, in the spirit of parenting.

Both of my kids are enrolled in the Dolly Parton library and I was delighted when Madalynne received “Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon” by Patty Lovell in the mail. It is instantly attractive and engaging just by the beautiful illustrations by David Catrow.


The back boosts of the theme of the book: Be yourself.


Molly Lou Melon has a role model in her life. Her grandma teaches her to walk, smile, sing, and believe big, no matter what others think.


Molly Lou didn’t question her grandma. When her grandma would encourage her, she followed through. This was always her response:


Molly Lou was different in many ways but she never let it slow her down and her grandma was always in her corner.


Molly Lou had to move away and she then encountered a boy that didn’t like how different she was. Meet Ronald Durkin:


Ronald gave her a really hard time but Molly Lou stood tall and continued to be herself. Eventually, Ronald felt poorly about his behavior and decided to support Molly Lou.


Molly Lou was excited to let her grandma know how her new life was going. She writes to her something that I hope I can hear from my children some day:


This story about relationships and standing tall (no matter how small you are) is an excellent reminder to both children and parents. Children need to be able to see that their differences make them who they are and that they should not waver in their uniqueness when other peers question them. Parents are given the reminder to encourage our children to be strong and that they always have a safe place to talk and receive special, loving advice.

This is a book definitely worth purchasing and reading over and over. You can purchase it here or here.

Do you have a favorite book that is for and about strong girls? I would love to hear your suggestions!

Much love,
<3 Jamie