Style Wednesday-

Happy midweek, y’all!

I am willing to admit that I have a problem. It may not be a rational one but it is one I struggle with nevertheless. I have an issue with others seeing my children or myself in the exact same styling/outfit as they have seen before. This could cause a bigger problem of an “overabundance of clothing” but instead, I have been trying to figure out different ways of styling the same piece.

There is zero doubt for me that the highest quality and most beautiful clothing pieces in my daughter’s closet have come from I Bambini Clothing. I love building her wardrobe with pieces that will last. The question is, how can she wear the same dresses but not make it look like they are the exact same every time she wears them? My solution was to become my daughter’s stylist!

Once a month I would like to feature an I Bambini Clothing dress and different ways to style it. We would LOVE to see how you style your dresses! Next month we will be styling Juliette so get ready to submit pictures and your styling may be featured in our blog next month! (Submit through Facebook, Instagram, or through the comments section on this blog).

This month, we worked with styling the Boho Doll Dress (which is still on sale by the way AND comes in two different colorways!). It is easy, has vivacious colors, and is perfect for the twirlers out there.

Here is the Boho Doll Dress paired with Bo Peep Shortees underneath.




The dress does not lose its charm even with a hoodie thrown over it.




I love this layered look for fall and think the colors are perfect! Here it is paired with Rusha Leggings.




This dress is still wearable in the winter time! Pair with tights, boots, and a cardigan and she will be cold-weather ready.




I see this ensemble as great for spring OR a chilly summer day. A regular (non-colored) jean jacket would work very well with this as well. Paired with Bo Peep Capris.




After putting these outfits together, I know we will be able to use this dress over and over without it appearing that she never changes out of it (though it is rare)!

Which outfit is your favorite? Do you have styling pics with your Boho Doll Dress? We would love to see your pictures!

Much love,
<3 Jamie P.S. In case you were wondering, this is what the Boho Doll Dress looks like paired with a dinosaur tail. p.s.