I am not a teacher, but I know many people who are and I know many people who have been impacted by past and present teachers. I came across this video today and I wanted to share it because it is just the sweetest thing!!

This first grade teacher was retiring after 41 years of teaching so her coworkers and students (both past and present) got together to show her how much of a difference she had made in their lives. Here’s a link to the video:

Β http://rare.us/story/first-grade-teacher-retiring-after-41-years-gets-send-off-for-the-ages/

This teacher positively impacted many many lives. And while I think that is awesome, that is not necessarily the focus of my post. What I wanted to share with you was this:

Teachers make a difference!

They dedicate their lives to our children. They shape them and build them up. They help give them the tools they need to succeed in life. Β If you are a teacher, I want to thank you for all that you do. And if you are a parent, I wanted to remind you of all that your children’s teachers do.

Okay. I’m done now. You can go back to your regularly scheduled program.

xo πŸ˜‰