Thanksgiving Decor Banner

There is something warm and inviting about Thanksgiving that inspires warm colors, festive table settings and a new appreciation for table cloths and polished silverware. It’s supposed to be a time for getting together with family and giving thanks for everything you have…which means more people will be in your house and you might need to spruce things up a bit! Well calm down – I gotcha covered! I gathered a couple items that might inspire you to dress up your house a little bit while that turkey is cooking in the oven. As always, let me know what you think and show us some of your favorite seasonal decor!

Fall collage 1

1 – This super cute turkey is made from fabric and serves as a cool centerpiece/mantle decoration. World Market, Fabric Turkey Centerpiece

2 – A smaller variation of the larger turkey, they are basically the same thing but accentuate the larger turkey or stand alone as cute decorations. World Market, fabric turkeys

3 – I really love this terracotta pot from Urali, India. It has all of the beautiful colors of fall and would make a wonderful decoration on a kitchen counter or with some deep orange roses as a vase. Whatever you end up doing with it, it’s sure to stir up come conversation. World Market, Urali terracotta bowl

4 – Another take on the Urali design, this one is a matching bowl that will make eating cereal more exotic than it ever was before! World Market, Urali bowl

5 – I am not normally a fan of window treatments but this print caught my eye and has me tempted to buy some for the kitchen and living room. There is something about the rich colors and pattern that reminds me of Fall and cooking good food for friends. World Market, suzani print curtain


Fall Collage 2

So…I indulged my love for cushions and I am bringing you a couple different options that might strike your fancy – you will thank me later when you have a fabulous couch or chair!

6 – The colors and designs on this pillow will pop against your couch and remind everyone why they come to your house in the first place. Don’t pass this vintage inspired gem up when you see it! World Market, Desert Lumbar Pillow

7 – I normally don’t care for plaid but this preppy little cushion is whipsmart! It reminds me of those uber expensive hunting and ski lodges and makes me reach for hot chocolate even though I am lactose intolerant. World Market, Stags Head pillow

8 – This one comes in a lot of different colors but I chose the brown background to showcase the brilliant beadwork for this turkey. It’s just another example of how a decorative cushion can make or break your Fall decor. Pier 1 Imports, Beaded Turkey Pillow

9 – This owl is embroidered onto the pillow and puts me into a cheery mood with his color and the surrounding design. This pillow could definitely transition as a decorative piece all the way into Christmas which is always a bonus.  World Market, Holiday owl

10 – This one is a actually a gift I bought my mom for her birthday this year (shhh, dont tell her!); its a gorgeous cushion that will probably sit on her bed to make it look extra fancy. The colors for this pillow are suitable for Fall, all of the holidays and the New Year. World Market, Beaded Cushion

Liz Cameo   Liz