Beginning the FAB Journey

If you read my post from Wednesday, you know what I will be sharing here. I am afraid to open myself up to this but I am hoping in the end it will be worth it. Since middle school, I have been at least a size 12. I have struggled with weight and food addiction my whole life. However, I have been happy and fulfilled so this is just another level to that happiness that I am seeking. My fear is not telling you my weight or my measurements, but failing and remaining the same. I can promise I will work hard to get healthy and find more balance in the old-fashioned way: increasing my activity and putting the best foods I can into my body. No tricks, no fads, no hardcore commitment. I am hoping you will join me in this journey!

Here’s the hard part. I will be updating these stats every Monday and hoping that they change along the way.

Weight: 215 pounds
Measurement from bellybutton: 43 inches
Measurement from hips: 48 inches
BMI: 33.7

Here is my current (hopefully soon-to-be “before”) pictures.

Untitled design

I will be sharing my activities, food choices, triumphs and failures over on Twitter. You can follow me by searching the hashtag #JamieFABJourney.

Will you join me?

Much love,
<3 Jamie