Little girls are full of charm and innocence, and your little girl is no exception. She will charm the world in our newest design. School girl charm meets whimsical fun in this beautiful jumper, which features an explosion of flowers on layers of gray and teal. The hand-hemmed circle skirt, a fixed bow, and straps that crisscross at the back are the kinds of details that send this jumper straight to the head of the class. Pair with Jacqueline Top and Wildflower Bloomers for an outfit that is perfect for twirling and frolicking about in style.”

This jumper outfit will be released on November 5th during Boutique’s Best event. It is a pre-order and is due to ship around November 23rd or earlier.

A lot of times, you will see that I hold a contest for naming most of my designs. This is mainly due to the fact that I pretty much suck at naming my designs. It also gives you a chance to be involved with the design and I love that interaction!

But…every now and then, I do have a name picked out in mind! This design was one of those times! The Jacqueline Jumper was named after my husband’s grandmother, we usually call her “Happy”, but Jacqueline is her proper name and I wanted to honor her by designing something that I think she would have worn as a child. She approves of my design. 😀

My husband and I were just in the early stages of our relationship when I met Pop (grandfather) and Happy. I had a friend attempt to lighten my hair the day before, and let’s say..only SOME of my hair got partially highlighted and my hair was a hot mess. My husband was a hot mess….he was worried about first impressions, but I threw my hair into a french braid and called it good. Many years later, we’d talk about that first impression and it turns out, my husband was the only one to worry. Happy and I clicked right away and bonded over good cooking, family values, and the blessings of life.

Everytime we see each other, it’s like seeing a life long friend, we hug and talk forever. I truly love her as my own grandmother and will always value and cherish the times we have together. She is one of the best cooks I have met, and food is always a good way to become great friends with me. I remember when she served me strawberry pie, NOT to be confused with strawberry and rhubarb, but actual strawberry pie with vanilla creme, all made from scratch. I was in heaven!

Maybe one day I will share the recipe with you….

Until the next time….