We have had so much fun introducing our newest brand reps to you and we are excited to see all of them model I Bambini Clothing!

We have a special introduction for you today because these two brand reps know each other because they live together and are sisters! Some people actually refer to them as “The Divas.” How fun is that?!

First up is the oldest sister, Emma Hazel. She is 5 years old and full of sass making her seem a bit more like a teenager. Her favorite saying is “Yes, girl!”, complete with snaps. She is also very maternal and has a heart of gold. She would do anything to lift up someone spirits, especially her siblings’. She is the ultimate girly girl.

The younger sister is Laney, who is 3. Laney is the spunky, wild child. She commands attention everywhere she goes, and with her ringlets and little raspy voice, she usually gets it. People think she is the modern day Shirley Temple. If Laney doesn’t make you laugh, no one will. She refers to herself as a “hot mess.”



The Divas are basically inseparable and have a bond like no other. They don’t fight often, but when they do, it’s over who gets to wear the bigger bow.

Girls, we are THRILLED to have you and cannot wait to see how your awesome personalities will help our clothing shine!

Do you have any questions for The Divas? I bet they would love to give you some answers! Leave a comment below and we will get any questions answered.

In the meantime, be sure to give a warm welcome to Emma Hazel and Laney!