Sometimes it can be overwhelming. I am supposed to be grateful, right? I am a mother to two beautiful children and a wife to a fantastic man. I live in a home that has everything we need and more. However, sometimes the responsibility is too much. It isn’t every day, or even every week, but there always comes a time where I just want to sit in a clean and quiet corner, rest my head on an unstained wall, close my heavy eyes and escape from the constant noise and mundane tasks that need to be completed for the day. Sometimes I want to run away.

Why is it so scary to admit that? Why don’t I, as a mother, assume that every mother feels this way from time to time instead of questioning my merit because I feel it?

Mothers, let me say this: don’t keep your feelings, shortcomings, triumphs, frustrations, laughter, or fear to yourself. I often see posts on parenting boards online start or end with “Has anyone else ever experienced this?” Even if I haven’t experienced that situation, I want to tell them – you are not the only one to experience this – you are not alone. I want to tell you, you are not alone.

I rub my eyes slowly over my cup of coffee and wonder, “Is anyone else as exhausted as I am?” The answer is yes.

I break up another fight between my children and ask myself, “Do other people’s children never seem to get along?” Of course.

I throw away yet another plate of food my daughter didn’t eat. “How does Molly get Suzie to eat so well?” It is most likely a fluke.

I look in the mirror and contemplate how other women always seem so put together. They are wondering the same thing.

I know I tend to get into my own head and make myself believe that I am alone. Any time I feel alone, the situation that I am handling is amplified and it starts to trickle into every other area of my life. Why would I do that to myself when the solution is simple?

Share how you feel.

I have found strength in sharing my feelings so that I can see the truth that I am not alone. Let me say it again, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Find your community and trust it, lean on it. Isn’t it a funny thing to not want to FEEL alone but to want to BE alone? It is a paradox common to motherhood.

I want to encourage you to show love to your family this Valentine’s Day (see some ways here and here), and even more importantly, show yourself love. Take some well-deserved time and treat yourself to something you love. It could be an uninterrupted bubble bath, or a trip to your favorite coffee shop. Maybe it is taking a nap or buying yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Perhaps it is spending some adult time with your parenthood community. Whatever it is, do it with no guilt. Sometimes our families overlook our feelings but we must not do the same to ourselves. Self-care and self-love are just as important to your and your family’s happiness as taking care of your children. Love yourself and prove it.

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How have you treated yourself recently? If you haven’t, share how you will.

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Love always,
<3 Jamie