Have you ever heard the phrase “To the Victor go the Spoils”? It basically means that the winner gets the prize. A long time ago, that meant conquering armies got the land, women and/or whatever else they wanted. Now it might mean you get a medal or the bonus at work you were competing for.

In my case, it means that the victor, AKA me, is gifted with a beautiful new patio set (that I’ve been eyeballing for over 6 months) by my hubby who got his behind kicked at miniature golf last Saturday night!!


The terms of the bet were: If I won, he’d buy me a patio set. If he won, I’d buy him an Xbox one. AND…52 to 49 says “patio set for Sarah”!!

I’m so excited!!! We have a beautiful patio and backyard, and my new patio set will bring it one step closer to the final picture I have in my mind of how I want it to look. Even better, we ordered the table for 75% off so we paid $35 for it!!! And we’re getting six chairs, two will be the larger swivel chairs that you see in the picture below and four will be regular chairs (no swivel) and they will all have green cushions. Check it out…



We had to order them and have them shipped to the store, which means I won’t get to set everything up until next week (right before I fly to St Louis for the September Soiree actually). I will definitely post an update with pics of my new beautiful patio after I get everything arranged!!

And then you can picture me; sitting at my beautiful table, in my comfy cushioned swivel chair, with my cup of tea in my hand, my laptop open in front of me, and my giant puppy lying at my feet.

xo 😉