We are sharing a sneak peek into the hidden world of the I Bambini girls purses!

Liz purse contents

It’s almost stereotypical in nature but I don’t know anyone who can go for too long without their purse! We place so many important everyday items in them and there are so many styles to choose from; I am partly ashamed and partly proud to share how many purses I have in my closet LOL! I am guilty of picking out a purse sometimes and then working an outfit around it versus the other way around.


Whether you have a chic designer clutch , practical carryall tote or overstuffed diaper bag pulling double duty – your purse is definitely an important part of your personal organization and style statement. I know a couple of ladies who switch purses so often that they actually carry all of their items in a purse organizer that slips into these different “shells” and they just slip the contents in and out of different styles as desired. Regardless of the brand or design, what is important about your purse is that you it carries everything you need! It’s always annoying to search for that one item you NEED and then you remember it’s in another bag…that is not with you at the moment.

torre's bag

Here’s to the “combat ready” momma’s sporting everything under the sun that they might on an outing with the kids and the minimalist chicas with the teeny crossbody bag – How do you get everything you need in those things anyway?! Send me a picture of your purse and let me know what essential item you make sure to never leave the house without!