Why I Have Had Enough- (1)

I wrote a blog almost a year ago describing how I was tired of pretending like I didn’t think I was beautiful because I am overweight. I believe in women seeing their true beauty and I am not one who looks in the mirror in disgust. However, I have had enough.

I realized recently how my lack of care for my health does not only make it harder for me to keep up with my kids, but also sets a precedence for them. It will be more difficult for them to be healthy and happy if I am not setting a good example of fitness and balance for them on the way.

The realization just hit me, out of nowhere, that I want to be around for a long time to not only watch my kids grow up, but to be an active participant in their lives. I want to be able to chase them and not get winded. I want to teach them how to jump rope without being in pain. I want to draw pictures on the sidewalk with them and not struggle to stand back up. I want to be right there with them, getting dirty and having fun along the way. I can’t fully engage in the position I am in right now.

I also will be trying to find new ways to balance the work, family, individual balance that seems to be so difficult for mothers. Do you have tips? Suggestions would be appreciated!

So here it is, friends, I am going to be putting myself on the line. I am going to open up to you, hoping for support, but also aiming to have some of you join me. I believe it is important for moms to band together when it comes to these issues – no judgment, only encouragement.

On Monday, I will be sharing with you my current weight and measurements. However, I don’t want to confuse anyone with the idea that I am striving for a certain weight or size. I truly am just wanting to be healthier and more active, not to be a size 2. I am sharing my weight and measurements as a way to give tangible results but will also include things such as, “I ran around with my kids for 15 minutes today and didn’t get winded!” Those are my kind of goals and ones that feel attainable and realistic.

I will NOT be doing a diet or a certain exercise program. I want to change my life in a way that I will keep doing it and not just chase the current craze. I will also be participating in activities that don’t cost money and are doable (and sometimes involving) kids so that anyone can join me. This is about making better choices while still living the busy mom life.

I will start tweeting from my personal account on Monday about some of the choices I have made throughout the day. You can follow my journey by following me on Twitter (@ChJaMa412) or by following the hashtag #JamieFABJourney (FAB= “Fitness and Balance”).

Whose in? I would love to have a community of women joining together in a FAB journey!

Much love,
<3 Jamie