So I mentioned there was a raffle at the Soiree last Saturday. The raffle was for one of two I Bambini designs:

an apron dress or a boy’s blazer


Earlier today, I Bambini’s owner/designer Kim Williams held a drawing for the raffle and, with the help of an adorable little girl, now has the results! Click on the pic to find out who won!

Raffle Graphic

Congratulations to the lucky winner!! Kim or I will be contacting you soon to figure out all the details! 🙂

To everybody else: Thank you so much for coming to the Soiree! It was great to meet each of you and we hope you had a wonderful time!

If you would like to see more of I Bambini, come to our September Soiree II…that’s right, ANOTHER SOIREE!! It will be happening September 27th at Back on the Rack in Brentwood, MO.


Check out the details on our event page, here:

Thanks everybody and congrats again to our raffle winner!

xo 😉