So, along the way of fulfilling this need to satisfy my urge to design clothes and start a business…I realized that I needed help, lots of help! There are plenty of resources out there to hire a virtual assistant that won’t break your small and finite budget. I looked at Odesk, TaskRabbit, and Zirtual and there were a lot of great qualified candidates. But I knew I needed someone who I could trust with EVERYTHING like yesterday…. So I turned to my very own bestfriend, I know you are not suppose to work with your best friend, blah blah blah! I made her promise me a hundred times that if she doesn’t feel comfortable, wants to quit, or that she thinks I am just crazy, then she would tell me straight away. She promised a hundred times over that she would be more than happy to help me build my dream….

So I introduce to you, my most favorite Sarah in the entire world and bff4eva!




Wow! That was an awesome introduction!!

Hi, I’m Sarah and I am Kim’s bff/virtual assistant/helper/soundboard/general-all-around-I-Bambini-slave :). Β She’s got crazy-mad talent and I’m so excited to help her make her dreams come true!! I’ll be posting on here sometimes and also on Facebook, so I thought I’d tell you a bit about myself so we can all be friends.

Random facts about me:

I am married and have a 7 year old son. I love my boys, they light up my world!

I LOVE scarves!!! (I had 53 and then for my birthday this year, Kim got me 32–one for each year I’ve been alive–so now I have a million!!)

I have a Great Dane puppy who is an adorable menace.

Purple has always been and will always be my favorite color, but I always have a color I am currently obsessed with. Right now that color is TANGERINE!!

My likes include: reading, cooking, decorating, shopping, anything crafty, gardening and many many more.

And that’s all you get for right now!

xo πŸ˜‰