What do you wear on a pirate ship or

when a princess invites you to tea?
Well, it has to be sturdy…
And pretty and twirly…
Something from I Bambini Clothing!


Your child is special. Your child is unique. You know it, and we know it. We know you want the best for your little ones, and that they deserve clothes as special and unique as they are. We also know that the lives of children are rarely as neat and clean as we might like them to be. Children’s days are filled with adventure, magic, enchantment, and … MESSES. So we decided to create designs that could both inspire their imaginations AND stand up to the ‘mess’ of everyday life.

I Bambini Clothing’s original vintage-inspired designs will carry your little darling from one adventure to the next. They are made of super-soft materials, and many designs have an inner lining to minimize irritating seams and tags, so even those children with sensory processing issues can be comfortably stylish.


Growing up is magic, which is why our clothes are not only functional, they’re also designed to capture your child’s imagination.

From the look of wonder when they see their new outfit, to the squeal of delight when they try it on, your child will always cherish the memory of receiving an I Bambini Clothing design.

Founder Kim Williams was inspired to create a children’s fashion label that invoked the charm of yesteryear, both in terms of aesthetics and quality (you can read Kim’s full story here).

Her whimsical designs are sweet and playful, with an emphasis on super-soft fabrics, cute color combinations and intricate details.

Kim’s eye for style and trends, together with her sense of creativity, mean your child will look and feel special when they wear an I Bambini Clothing design.

And because I Bambini Clothing garments are sold exclusively online and are never mass produced, you’re always getting a one-of-a-kind creation.

As Kim says: “These are clothes that both children and their mothers get excited about. They look like they should be saved up for special occasions, but they’re made from high quality, easy-care materials, so they’re durable enough to be worn every day.”

Explore our latest designs:

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